Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life Update

So its been like a year since ive been on here. I know thats horrible. But i wanted to do a life update and im hopeing to start writing on here more. So I am at a new salon yay!! I love it...Alot of unpleasant things happened at the other place and the move was a great choice...I work with women that have been doing this for years and are just mature and dont have drama. I am also looking for a second job.. I just really want to pay off some bills and quickly.. I would like to find a waitressing job because ive already got the experience and it would work best with my schedule..Im also currently taking a class online at the jr college.. its intro to sociology. Its been tough for me to stay focussed though and ive decided that this next semester i want to take classes on campus. I think it just helps me to stay focused... so thats my basic life update keeping my fngers crossed that i can keep up with writing on here :-)

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Ronda said...

Glad your back on your blog, look how long your hair has gotten lol.