Sunday, November 23, 2008

Having Faith

I have been having a rough time the past couple days and so this morning I watched Joel Osteen's sermon on always makes me feel better to listen to it....Today's was about how nothing in life is permanent...He talked about how if u have faith then things can change and get better...I just thought that was a good thing to tell yourself everyday cause otherwise it's easy to become discouraged....Anyway on a more unpleasant I have to go to the salon and help decorate for Christmas...I don't really feel like going only because it's my only day off and I just wish we could do it on our down time during the week...Nobody really seems that into it but we all know it will be worse if we don't go....Anyway I'm just going to try to stay positive today...Hope everyone has a good Sunday...xoxo


rondamarie said...

Just remember God always gets us through every thing. I'll say my prayers for you.

Mandy said...

Thanks mom...your always in my prayers too.