Monday, December 1, 2008

Thansksgiving weekend was nice....

...We had my grandma and my aunt and uncle and their kids over....we had a ton of food and it was all really good....we did some fun food too like my mom made a Chinese salad instead of regular green salad and my aunt made cream cheese poppers with bacon around them...Me and my mom also decided to make name plates for everyone this year...we used apples to hold up the cards....I hope everyone had a nice day too....Me and my mom also went Christmas shopping the next day and it was nice....we felt really tired but we got a ton of shopping felt good to get a lot of it out of the way...i still have to get a few things but I really want to be able to enjoy Christmas this year and not stress about buying last minute....i have been overly stressed lately...My mom said I need to start doing yoga or have tried before and I love doing it but I am out of shape right now so I'm sure I will have some trouble doing yoga well....That's all for today...xoxo

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